Cleaning Technologies, manufacturing the strongest truck mount carpet cleaning machines for the money.

Truck Mount Installations




Cleaning Technologies systems are versatile and adaptable to vans, box-trucks, trailers, etc. 

Complete assembly includes standard power cable, fuel line, bolts, washers and tie-downs.



    "Patriot" Classic Van Installation.

Access to console and heater through side door and hose reels from the rear.

Includes 55 gallon fresh water tank and LINEX® floor covering to protect against rust.




"Challenger" Heat Exchange Installation.

Access to console through side door and hose reels from the rear.

Absence of propane hot water heater allows for extra floor space.




"Patriot" Box-truck Installation.

System mounted within a 5’x5’ area, with maximum room left for air-movers and dehumidifiers.



"Patriot" Rear Van Installation.

System is mounted in the back, leaving the front area for air-movers and dehumidifiers.